How to Clean Your Curtains without Bringing Them Down?

Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the curtains, shades, and verticals is very important to feel clean and fresh indoor air. To enjoy the sweet home environment, complete and perfect home cleaning is very important.

Consider Curtain Cleaning as a regular part of home cleaning and have a look on it once in a month. Because the curtains are the filters that stop the dirt and dust that enters your home through outside air. There are many different processes of cleaning the curtains such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning, washing, and vacuuming etc.


 In one way or another way, you must bring the curtains down to clean them.

This process seems to be a little difficult when you are in a great hurry. For example unexpectedly if guests are visiting your home and you have to clean your curtains but you don’t have enough time to do it. At this moment you cannot remove the curtains and clean them, but you have to be done with the work.

The only solution to this problem is cleaning them without bringing down but how! Here are curtain cleaning tips which will guide you to clean the curtains without bringing them down.

Drapery Cleaning

Top 7 Curtains Cleaning Without Bringing Them Down

  • Quiver the dirt

Shake your curtains as hard as possible to completely eliminate the dirt and dust on it. Climb up using the ladder and shake the curtains well from the top, this process will completely take away the stubborn dirt and dust from curtains. Later, clean the dust from the surrounding areas.

  • Clean all

There are many different types of curtains, verticals are one of them and it will easily attract the dust, dirt and the fabric fibers. Lint is the tiny dust to dirt percolations that are easily stuck to the fabric. It is very difficult to eliminate them even after vacuuming. In this case, you can use the lint roller or brush to remove the lint from the verticals.

  • The classic move

All you need to get perfect curtain cleaning is a powerful vacuum cleaner. Use the upholstery attachment or long attachment to get best results. Use the ladder to clean from top of the curtains. Regular vacuuming is necessary to get a fresh and clean look. Try placing a bowl of baking soda and your favorite essential oil to keep your surrounding fresh and odor free.


  • Clean your windows

Windows are the important part of the home that has to be kept clean to avoid bad air quality. Because these are the things which will cover dirt and grime as fast as it can, make sure you clean the windows on a frequent basis to maintain clean curtains.

  • Give some space to your curtains

Allow lots of fresh air to your curtains after and before cleaning. This will prevent your curtains from odors and mold.

  • Power move

After time your curtains can gather too much of grease and stubborn stains. At this point, vacuuming is not really enough to get complete and perfectly clean. You have to bring them down and repeat the cleaning process to get perfect cleaning. Or you can steam clean the curtains.

  • Breathe better

A good curtain steam cleaner will remove the grease and stubborn stains from the curtains. If your curtains smell bad after cleaning due to any small stains spray the deodorizer to get the fresh smell from the curtains. This will result in clean and fresh indoor air.

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