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How to Clean Your Curtains without Bringing Them Down?

Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the curtains, shades, and verticals is very important to feel clean and fresh indoor air. To enjoy the sweet home environment, complete and perfect home cleaning is very important.

Consider Curtain Cleaning as a regular part of home cleaning and have a look on it once in a month. Because the curtains are the filters that stop the dirt and dust that enters your home through outside air. There are many different processes of cleaning the curtains such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning, washing, and vacuuming etc.


 In one way or another way, you must bring the curtains down to clean them.

This process seems to be a little difficult when you are in a great hurry. For example unexpectedly if guests are visiting your home and you have to clean your curtains but you don’t have enough time to do it. At this moment you cannot remove the curtains and clean them, but you have to be done with the work.

The only solution to this problem is cleaning them without bringing down but how! Here are curtain cleaning tips which will guide you to clean the curtains without bringing them down.

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Top 7 Curtains Cleaning Without Bringing Them Down

  • Quiver the dirt

Shake your curtains as hard as possible to completely eliminate the dirt and dust on it. Climb up using the ladder and shake the curtains well from the top, this process will completely take away the stubborn dirt and dust from curtains. Later, clean the dust from the surrounding areas.

  • Clean all

There are many different types of curtains, verticals are one of them and it will easily attract the dust, dirt and the fabric fibers. Lint is the tiny dust to dirt percolations that are easily stuck to the fabric. It is very difficult to eliminate them even after vacuuming. In this case, you can use the lint roller or brush to remove the lint from the verticals.

  • The classic move

All you need to get perfect curtain cleaning is a powerful vacuum cleaner. Use the upholstery attachment or long attachment to get best results. Use the ladder to clean from top of the curtains. Regular vacuuming is necessary to get a fresh and clean look. Try placing a bowl of baking soda and your favorite essential oil to keep your surrounding fresh and odor free.


  • Clean your windows

Windows are the important part of the home that has to be kept clean to avoid bad air quality. Because these are the things which will cover dirt and grime as fast as it can, make sure you clean the windows on a frequent basis to maintain clean curtains.

  • Give some space to your curtains

Allow lots of fresh air to your curtains after and before cleaning. This will prevent your curtains from odors and mold.

  • Power move

After time your curtains can gather too much of grease and stubborn stains. At this point, vacuuming is not really enough to get complete and perfectly clean. You have to bring them down and repeat the cleaning process to get perfect cleaning. Or you can steam clean the curtains.

  • Breathe better

A good curtain steam cleaner will remove the grease and stubborn stains from the curtains. If your curtains smell bad after cleaning due to any small stains spray the deodorizer to get the fresh smell from the curtains. This will result in clean and fresh indoor air.

Cleaning Services Melbourne, Curtain Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

How to Rejuvenate and Restore Your Interiors by Curtain Cleaning

As you all know that curtains help to improve the appearance of your house. They help to enhance the living room, bed room, and every part of the house.  If you want to Creativity on your house then it should also possible with decorative curtains. Over a time curtains can collect a lot of dust over the years, especially when they are ignored. This build-up of dust and dirt makes drapery fabrics look dull and dark, and directly affects the quality of your indoor air. It also captured all those dirty footprints from flies, mosquitoes and other insects that choose to use your window treatments as a landing strip. At that time you need Curtain cleaning services because it helps to keep your curtains and drapes free of dust, allergens and germs if you or anyone in your family or work team suffer from asthma or other diseases.


If you provide proper way of cleaning is done with specific guidelines to ensure you are not destroying the fabric. Curtain cleaning helps to restore the beauty and attractiveness of your curtains. At Marks Curtain Cleaning Melbourne we don’t believe it’s necessary to submerge drapes in water. Our process is to gentle vacuuming and you’ll be surprised to see much of the fabric’s deep, original coloring comes back to life. Then we clean the curtain back and front the old fashioned way by hand, closely inspecting as we do so.  We’ll even leaving your curtains restored and smelling fresh. If you require we can add our stain & soil resistant finish which will help them stay cleaner longer or we can apply a flame resistant finish, should you require.


But mostly we refer Curtain Steam Cleaning in Brisbane . It is one of the most common and sophisticated techniques of cleaning curtain fabric. It can easily cleanse every thread in the curtain. It reaches the dust trapped inside every thread and gets rid of it. Most of the professional carpet cleaning companies primarily use curtain steaming to clean curtains. Steam Cleaning is 100% safe and thus safe for your Family’s health and our Environment. Curtains acts as an air filter; they catch airborne dust and odors that affects the people inside your home or work area. It acts as an important part in your room, if you provide proper curtain cleaning then it will help to preserve brightness of your curtains without using any chemical solution.

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Our professional-grade deodorizers can eliminate musty smells in basements and closets, general odors and even the toughest cigarette smoke odors. Our deodorizing disinfectants fight against the root of the problem i.e. the odor-creating bacteria. They not only eliminate the odor, but they also inhibit the growth of mold and mildew from your curtains. So at last we suggest that you will maintain your curtains to enhance the home’s internal beauty and attractiveness.  You can choose to clean your curtains by yourself or ask the help of the expert cleaners.  Either way, you can be sure you are improving the overall appearance and smell of your curtains.

Cleaning Services Melbourne, Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

How to Pulling Back Your Curtains in its Original Look

You know that curtains provide you elegant addition to homes but are often neglected by most of homeowners. They look so lovely when you first put them up but you really don’t realize how much dust and dirt they collect until, years later, you whisk them open to let the sun in and a cloud of dust circles the air. It is necessary to keep your curtains as clean as possible to avoid overexposure to dust and allergens, particularly if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. Regular cleaning will also keep your curtains looking new rather than dingy and ruined.


At Marks Curtain Cleaning we provide you Best Curtain Cleaning Services in Melbourne. We firstly carefully inspected the fabrics of your curtains and tested to determine which of the best alternate to clean your curtains. Regularly cleaning curtains, therefore, is a key task. It can help retain their original look, prolong their lifespan and help avoid overexposure to allergens and dust. Curtains made of very heavy material and difficult to take down may be steam cleaned in the home or business. Our experts know which the best way to use steam cleaning method is. We start at the top of the curtain and work down. We know how far to keep the appliance away from the fabric to prevent it from becoming too wet.


If your curtains are hanging in direct sunlight then the curtain fabric should be fade. Your curtains are likely to be faded on the side that faces the window. Be sure to hang them back in the same way so the faded side faces out. At that time you use another alternative to clean your curtain. Curtain fabrics have been put through a lot of abuse. Washing them abuses them more, and it can actually shorten the life of your drapes. The longer you can go before washing your curtains for the first time, the better. Unless your curtains are very inexpensive and easily replaceable, you should be careful about where you take them to be cleaned.

Cleaning Services Melbourne, Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

How Responsible Are the Modern Day Curtain Cleaning Service Providers

Curtain cleaning in modern times is no more an aspect where the client can afford a little neglect. It has gone much more serious and matters of urgency in contemporary times. Good news is that the service providers have also managed to be the stand out performers. Especially, those based in developed cities like Melbourne have been absolutely exemplary.

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Assigning tasks to the curtain cleaner don’t mean anymore that you have to live some days without the curtains. In fact, an experienced and established curtain cleaning Melbourne can manage the cleaning task, when it is hung. These service providers are extremely flexible about onsite and offsite service, no matter how bulk the order is.

Keeping You Safe:

One of the best parts that make the claim of contemporary curtain cleaners being most responsible is the eco-friendly service they offer. Go with any renowned curtain cleaning Melbourne; it can promise you of zero threats to your pets, or children for the treatments. Going beyond the mere spot removal, the much-celebrated service providers like Mark’s Curtain Cleaner ensure complete dirt and pollutant free treatment to your curtain, which keeps you at a fret free side from the eclectic respiratory diseases.

Respecting the Quality:

It’s absolutely endearing to witness the way in which the curtain cleaning service providers respect the top notch material qualities of your curtain. Being thoroughly resourced, the service providers like Mark’s Curtain Cleaner come up with high-end steam cleaner devices to treat the articulate fabric or crafts of your curtain. Moreover, a renowned curtain cleaning Melbourne won’t mind promising you of zero shrinkage, color fade or quality damage. Above all, you can trust them, no matter how stubborn the challenge is.

Cleaning Services Melbourne, Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Tip To Find an Efficient and Safe Curtain Cleaning Service Provider at Minimal Expense

Curtain cleaning, be it residential or commercial, has changed a lot in terms of its basic definition. No surprise, most of the people these days want their carpet to be cleaned by the professionals. If you are one among the above, make sure the service provider is enriched with technologically high-up devices, as well as adept enough with the conventional hand wash methodologies.

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This is important as there are certain curtain fabrics those demand exclusive steam or dry wash techniques. It’s a fact at the same time that rigorous hand wash methods often hold higher threats towards color feds.

The Characteristics You Must Look For:

Most of the service providers in modern cities, the likes of curtain cleaning Melbourne call themselves the best than the others. To believe what they claim, the best way would be to ask about their testimonies; in fact, there are the likes of Mark’s Curtain Cleaning, who make it completely evident among the clients.

Enquire about the authenticity of the technologies or the treatments they apply, to make sure whether those are proven or not. Moreover, check whether the trained professionals are thoroughly certified or not.

It has been seen on many occasions that some of the curtain cleaning Melbourne service providers do claim about serving at unbelievably less cost. However, the client ultimately finds himself at a repenting side, after coming across with the hidden costs. To avoid such annoying instances, make sure the service provider guarantees on a clear tone that there is no hidden cost involved with their service.

It’s not rare to find the pets being affected due to the treatments applied for carpet cleaning. There is every chance of your children to get affected as well. Hence, make sure the service provider promises of hundred percent eco-friendly services, something that the Mark’s Curtain Cleaning always does.